Can Double Glazing Prevent The Winter Sun Causing Damage?

window-sunlightIt’s one of the best things about winter. During those fleeting moments when Britain enjoys a day of winter with clear blue skies and sunshine, the sun sits so low on the horizon that it’s bright and crisp. This allows the sunshine to stream through the windows of your home or office in a unique way. However, there is an unfortunate downside to winter sun; the ultraviolet rays that come pouring through your window might cause damage to some of your furniture.

The sun’s rays can cause some furniture to fade if they are exposed to strong, direct sunlight. Elements like solar heat, visible light and UV light – which is also harmful to the skin – are part of what causes furniture to fade. You can sometimes tell if this has been the case by adjusting your furniture – moving a picture on the wall to see if the paint behind it is a stronger colour, for example, or adjusting a sofa to see if an area not exposed to light is in better condition.

Home and business owners can, of course, move these items out of the path of direct sunlight. However, this is not always the best option. It means reorganising your rooms – something that might be complicated and take a long time – so that sensitive items are not being hit with visible or UV light. In fact, the best option may be installing double glazing in your windows putting some good quality blinds up and installing high quality LED lights which give out a natural white light.

There are several major benefits of having it installed by businesses that cater to double glazing in Liverpool, Manchester, London and various other areas of the United Kingdom. Double glazing can ensure that sound is kept to a minimum, breaking in is much harder and your windows will not get as much condensation as normal. Furthermore, it can help prevent the amount of damage that sunlight is doing to your furniture.

The glass reduces the amount of visible light and UV light that is pouring into each room of your home or business. It means that valuable items within your home – sofas, rugs, carpets or paintings – do not fade over time. A double glazed window can sometimes act like a ozone layer or sunscreen, allowing the light to filter in to your home or business but without the harmful UV rays that predominantly cause damage.

So, yes, double glazing does have the potential to filter out the elements of sunlight that could cause damage to your furniture if you were using standard windows. It means that you can enjoy the low winter sun this season without fear of hurting your property – if the weather permits, of course!

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