An Energy Efficient Home? Start With Double Glazing

The benefits of double glazing are numerous, but it all comes dodouble-glazing-benefitswn to one thing: increased energy efficiency. With energy prices going up and the increased roll-out of the Government’s ‘Feed-In’ tariffs, it’s in your best interests to ensure that your home is as heat-retentive as it could be.

Double glazing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started.

1. Retain up to 18% more heat.

Did you know that approximately 18% of heat can be lost through single glazed windows? It may sounds like a tiny amount, but its a loss that can be felt through chilly rooms; needing more hours with the heating on and increased fuel costs as a result.

Double glazing can help eliminate this heat loss, leading to results that can be felt immediately.

2. Avoid damp from developing.

Damp occurs in when there is excessive condensation within the home; usually due to poor ventilation and internal air being ‘closer’ to the air outside when one has single glazed windows. It can create extensive ‘cold spots’ within the home and cause unsightly damage to paint and wall coverings.

Because double glazed windows contain an internal panel of glass that is a temperature closer to that of the room, the internal air does not reach its ‘dew point’ as quickly as it does with single glazed windows. This helps to prevent water droplets (condensation) from forming on the window and thus damp developing in the room.

3. Keep out unwanted noise.

A double glazed home can see a significant decrease in the volume of external noise from outside, purely because the two glass panes act as a soundproofing mechanism. The trapped air between the two panes – sometimes¬†filled with Argon gas – absorbs noises from outside, giving you peace and quiet when you’re within the confines of your own home.

4. Reduced energy costs.

As mentioned before, double glazing is one of the biggest starting points for saving on heating. Or, if you’re not a big spender to start with, you’ll enjoy the added warmth that comes from that extra bit of insulation around your windows and doors Liverpool.

Double glazing might seem like a big investment, but the financial savings will soon start to pay off over over time.

5. Improve the worth of your home.

With double glazing now being recognised as a standard for most homes, it’s a worthy investment certainly if you’re planning on selling. Not only do they improve your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and warmth; they can also be an aesthetic enhancer. The added value to be found from introducing double glazing can sometimes be as much as the initial cost itself.

Secondary Double Glazing

If double glazing is too costly an investment, or you live in a listed building without planning permissions, then another option is secondary double glazing.

This is where a single panel of glass is simply applied over the top of your existing single glazed window, trapping air between the two panes and bringing extra insulation. Though the effects may not be as significantly felt, it nevertheless remains an effective way to preserve heat at a much lower cost.

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